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  • Kelly Seward

- Shipping Out -

Johnny, a proud Vietnam Veteran, lived on the streets for over 6 years before finding a home at VCP Village. With the help of case manager Wes Williams, Johnny has worked hard to improve his health and finances. Now, almost 2 years later, he has achieved his ultimate goal: a permanent home and the hope of a better future.

Earlier this month, Wes and a handful of VCP volunteers moved the contents of Johnny's tiny house into a spacious 2 bedroom ranch complete with a screened-in porch, garage, and backyard garden. The Veteran's new landlord has a unique VCP connection; her son was one of the Village's original 13 residents.

Wes and Johnny will continue to meet on a regular basis over the next year but Wes believes the Veteran has nothing but "good things ahead."

"28 is my lucky number," says Johnny. "It's my birthday, the number of my tiny house, and the last 2 digits of my new address. I hope 28 will be lucky for the next Vet who moves in, too. This little house saved my life."


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