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This Group's Village of Tiny Homes for Vets 'Saves Lives' While 'Setting Them Up for Success'

October 01, 2019

"This needs to be in every community in the country," says veteran and politician Jason Kander. Kander, 38, was a rising political star, and President Barack Obama even said he was the future of the Democratic party. A former Army Intelligence Officer, Kander gained notoriety when his 2016 Senate campaign ad went viral. He was expected to win his Kansas City mayoral campaign, but he made national news last fall when he suspended his campaign to seek treatment for PTSD.

PTSD Made Him Walk Away From Public Life. Now He’s Heading Back.

August 25, 2019

Generations of politicians have assumed that openly acknowledging a psychiatric disorder would be disastrous. Jason Kander is testing that assumption.

Veterans Community Project and its volunteers revitalizing Troost and 89th Street area

August 20, 2019

The tiny homes were originally valued at $75,000 but now they are estimated at $1.2 million. The increase in property value and thousands of volunteers have also brought a boost in business for local restaurants. 

The tiny home village is bringing people into the area that might not have come before.

Organization Seeks to End Veterans Homelessness

July 16, 2019

Former Army Intelligence Officer Jason Kander discusses a decorated special forces soldier who died in combat in Afghanistan. Kander also discusses joining the Veterans Community Project, which tackles homelessness among vets. 

Chiefs Announce Limited Edition Anthony Sherman Shirts to Benefit VCP

July 05, 2019

Patriotic “The saUSAge” shirts are now on sale for a good cause. 

Veterans Community Project Enters New Phase, Helps More Homeless Vets

April 29, 2019

The Kansas City community was invited to see the project's progress, which now includes 26 completed transitional houses and 23 more currently under construction. 

Veterans Community Project: One Homeless Veteran is One Too Many

January 01, 2020

They were willing to take an oath that a lot of people weren't willing to do. The Veterans Community Project is on a mission to end Veteran homelessness through a network of tiny homes and services. It's more than a roof over their heads; it's housing with dignity. 

I Gave My Car to a Homeless Veteran

April 17, 2019

Kansas City native rapper Mac Lethal visits Veterans Community Project to give his car to one of the Veteran residents at VCP.

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