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  • Kelly Seward

Aim Small, Miss Small

“Glynn is the first person people go to when they need something. He always shows up.” - Colleen, VCP Case Manager

Traumatic, life-altering events can knock a person off balance and send them spiraling in a downhill trajectory. But just as one event can disrupt balance, another can help regain it. Such is the case for Glynn, an Army Veteran in VCP Village.

Last December, Glynn assisted a customer wearing a Veterans Community Project t-shirt during his shift at an auto supply store. As he installed the man’s wiper blades, Glynn asked about the VCP logo and the conversation soon turned personal. The customer was a VCP case manager and in a matter of days, Glynn was living in a tiny house instead of in his car.

Few people understand the mechanics of trajectories like Glynn, a champion archer. For the last 12 years, his passion has been perfecting his precision marksmanship with a compound bow. Glynn’s growing collection of trophies and photos of impossible shots are testaments to his consistency and highly developed sense of patience and focus.

But so is his time at VCP Village.

Glynn is the first person that residents go to when they need something: a stick of butter, help with their car, or just company. When he is not in the cul-de-sac visiting with neighbors, Glynn is often sitting in his recliner next to an open front door. As his case manager Colleen notes, “He always shows up.” Because of his reliability, Glynn is the designated battle buddy for not one but two fellow Veterans and is also the “row leader” for his section of houses. He is helping build a strong network of support for himself and others that will prove invaluable once they leave the camaraderie of the Village.

When Glynn talks about his technical accuracy, he is also quick to mention the time he placed 4th in an important tournament. With the arrow drawn, Glynn broke his concentration to look for a contender and ended up missing the target altogether. He says it’s a reminder to stay in the shot or put the bow down until you regain your stance. “Your entire focus has to be a single spot...the smaller the better. You can’t break away.”

Glynn is now looking at his future with this same level of precision. He describes his dream job (front desk security for the Kansas City Chiefs) and home (located in rural Kansas with land for hunting) with such clarity, it’s evident Glynn's focus is returning and he is preparing to draw the arrow.

A “piece of peace” is the ultimate bullseye.


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