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Serve Those Who Served Us.

Veterans Community Project (VCP) passionately believes that anyone who took the oath to protect our homes shouldn’t be without one themselves. Motivated by the sacred rule of leave no one behind, VCP serves any man or woman who raised their right hand, regardless of discharge status or type of service.

There are approximately 650 Veterans experiencing homelessness in northern Colorado ... and many more who fear it every day. 

Our solution to end Veteran homelessness is simple: provide Veterans a home with dignity and honorable services that help reduce fears, reveal strengths, and restore hope for a better future.


Currently under construction just west of Hover and Nelson Street in Longmont, VCP Village provides Veterans the privacy, security, and dignity of their own homes, free of charge. There, Veterans work closely with VCP’s specially trained team to thoroughly address the underlying issues that led to their homelessness.


Each of the 26 tiny homes are fully furnished with new furniture, beds, kitchen appliances, and household goods which become the personal property of each Veteran. When a Veteran is ready to transition to their permanent home, they take the contents of the tiny home with them. 


VCP's Outreach Center, located at 1228 Main Street (Longmont), provides a variety of walk-in support services to any Veteran in need. VCP's case managers assist Veterans with navigating the VA and their benefits, emergency assistance funds, food, and employment supports among other services. 


Every $5 (or more) that you donate through the 9NEWS Next with Kyle Clark “Word of Thanks” micro-giving campaign helps Veterans Community Project of Longmont build tiny homes and provide critical support services for Veterans experiencing homelessness in Northern Colorado. 

Thank you for supporting our Veterans! Please continue to share our story with your friends and help us reach our goal of $40,000. We have one day left! 

About VCP

About VCP

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"Community" is VCP's middle name for a reason. We are armed with the strength and support of community members like you! Please join the mission and serve those who served us. Questions? Contact Liz Mueller at

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