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sponsor a project.

Thank you for your interest in Veterans Community Project and your desire to support our cause! There are many ways to get involved. Please contact us for more information or to discuss how we can help you realize your vision for serving those who served us.  

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Sponsor a Room.

The VCP Village Community Center will serve as "base camp" for Village residents, providing on-site delivery of wraparound services such as case management, educational and wellness classes, and fellowship opportunities.


The VCP Outreach Center will provide critical support services for any STL area Veteran. Room sponsorships enable individuals and companies to become a permanent part of the VCP St. Louis campus.


Sponsor a House.

Each "tiny house" provides Veterans with a sense of privacy, security, and dignity. Every detail has been designed with Veterans' needs and preferences in mind, including placement of doors and windows to increase sense of security for those who have been impacted by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The fully-furnished homes are "studio-style" and feature a kitchen, bathroom, and combined living and sleeping area. 

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Provide Services.

Construction and building supply partners are an essential part of VCP Village. From donated materials to donated labor, VCP's corporate sponsors provide much needed resources while creating meaningful employee experiences.

With 50 tiny houses, a Village Community Center, and Veterans Outreach Center, there are many opportunities to get involved during the construction and on-going maintenance of VCP Village. 

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