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for you.

Veteran, you are surrounded by the support and care of your community. Even the walls and studs of your tiny home are covered in words of encouragement like these. We hope you take comfort and joy in knowing that you are never alone.


Your VCP Family

From one to another. Keep up the good fight. Ask for help. Enjoy this life. 

- Eric S


Welcome Home! If you view the memorial bricks at the Village you will see 3 that bare the last name of Aspey. Darrell W., Glen L and Richard D. all who have served this country along with you and wanted to be a very small part of making the Village possible. My uncle Darrell gave his life for our country but his memory lives on in the Village. Our family is a family of service and we are so honored to be a very small part of your journey. The Village is not a hand-out, but a hand-up & over the wall that stands in front of you. Like with any obstacle while in service, you are surrounded by brothers & sisters who will help you over any wall. You are also surrounded by a community of people (like me) you may never see face to face that has faith in your strength and ability even if you do not at this moment. On behalf of my entire family, I would like to Thank You for your service to our Country. We are right here by your side. Close your eyes and you will hear us rooting you on and telling you never give up. Again, Welcome Home!

 - Aspey Family

To you who have given so much, I offer my heartfelt gratitude. You rock!

- L Holland

Fellow GI Veteran. Stay Strong, Stay Healthy and always know your brother and sister GIs have your back.

- Ruben S

Celebrate!  You're home. Enjoy and make friends.

- Georgia M

Hope this is a big step toward a big future!

- Denise & Kevin M

Welcome Home, Veteran!  Thank you for your service!

- Jason M

Here’s to your new home!

- Daniel G

Thank you for your Service!

- Robert T

You got this! Use everything VCP has to offer, to help get you what you need!!

- Brad K

Many of us who served understand the sacrifice continues after the service is over. I hope moving into a VCP home brings you peace and hope for the future. Welcome to your new home. 

- Gary A

Thank you for your service!

- R Thompson

Stay warm. Stay dry. Be safe.

- Barbara & John B

Good luck on your journey.

- Jennie R

Stay strong and stay hopeful!

- Barbara L

Live, Love and Enjoy, Veteran!

- William B

Welcome home, and thank you for your service!

- Carolyn T

We got this watch, soldier ... stand down and take your rest so you can stand ready for the next mission - you!

- Julie A (St. Louis, MO)

Welcome Home, Veteran! We appreciate all you do for us! We know the sacrifice is huge!

- Brandi S

Welcome Home, Veteran!

- Millie H

Thank you for your service. You are not just surrounded by 4 walls but enveloped with love, joy, and peace. 

- Stephanie S (St. Louis, MO)

You may be in the middle of a thunderstorm but remember that it can't rain forever. After the flood all the colors came out. Stay strong!

- Sarah A (Kansas City, MO)

Welcome home, Veterans!

- Maddie S

Welcome Home, Veteran!  Thank you for your service!

- Jason M

Your service mattered and continues to make a difference. Thank you.

- Rob T (Columbus, OH)

Welcome home, Veteran!

- Rick & Therese V

Welcome home, veteran! We're glad you're here.

- Dustin L


From one veteran to another, don't give up. We've got your back.

- Brian C (Kansas City, MO)

Thank you for being brave again.

- Amy P (Kansas City, MO)

Welcome Home, Veteran!

- Luann M

- Sleep well. Welcome home.

Barbara W (Kansas City, MO)

Welcome home!

- Conor M

- Rob H

- Dan & Mary Lou F

- Bridge B

- Melissa G

- Larry S

- Larry M

- Mary V

- Randy S

- Mary D

- Christopher & Kelsey E

- Scott Y

- Tanya H

- Phillip M

- April & Galen V

- Cristie & Jason S

- Britt D

- Evelyn S

- Sherry & Kirk M

- Tressa W

- Laura W

- Jeanne B

- Robert G

- John & Paula M

- Marc F

- Andrew C

- Arthur Z

- Michael Y

- Left Hand Giving Circle

- Kate S

- Marilyn C

- Duffield Household

- John R

- Levi Group at Keller Williams Northern Colorado

- Jacqueline C

- Alicia M

- Mary V & Randy S

- Rick & Therese V

- Marcus C

- John & Paula M

- Jeff & Michelle P

- Sara G

- Valerie & Jim P

- Elite Title Company

- Kelly H

- Lori R

- Jim C

- Richard T

- Christopher & Kelsey E

- Kenneth S

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