Kansas City.

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VCP Village, located at 89th and Troost in Kansas City, Missouri, is an innovative community of 49 tiny houses for Veterans experiencing homelessness. The homes range in size from 240 to 320 square feet, meet all local city code requirements, and connect to city utility services. Approximately 70% of the Village construction was performed by community volunteers. 


Many Veterans arrive at VCP Village with little more than the pain, uncertainty, and loneliness of life on the streets. A tiny house provides everything he or she needs to live with dignity and safety; new furniture, appliances, housewares, bedding, food, and utilities, free of charge. More importantly, VCP Village provides sanctuary and the emotional space needed for the Veteran and VCP's Veteran Support Services team to thoroughly address the underlying causes of his or her homelessness.


Together, the Veteran and VCP's specially-trained case managers work to achieve incremental, lasting results in the areas of health and wellness, education, employment, financial literacy, and the development of a personal support network.


Once their desired goals are met, VCP assists the Veteran in securing a permanent housing solution. The Veteran is allowed to take the entire contents of the tiny home as they transition to a new life.

Explore a 320 square foot family home

Veterans Outreach Center.

VCP's Veterans Outreach Center provides walk-in support services to Kansas City metro-area Veterans. 

Services include:

  • Free RideKC Veterans Pass

  • Food and hygiene kits

  • Employment supports

  • Discharge upgrade services

  • Military documentation services

  • Emergency assistance

  • Counseling referrals

  • Housing referrals

  • Case management



8825 Troost Avenue

Kansas City, MO  64131


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
9:30 am - 3:30 pm


Appointment Only

VCP Village Community Center.

The VCP Village Community Center is the heart of VCP Village. The center provides a hub for VCP’s robust wraparound services as well as place for connecting the village residents with one another and with the community.


The 4,600 square foot center features a fellowship hall, medical and dental offices, a veterinarian clinic, commercial kitchen, computer lab, and offices for onsite support staff.