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sponsor a project.

Thank you for your interest in Veterans Community Project and your desire to support our cause! We are 100% privately funded and depend on the passion and generosity of the community to fulfill our mission.

There are many ways to get involved. Please contact Sara Loar for more information or to discuss how we can help you realize your vision for serving those who served us.  


Sponsor a Room.

The VCP Village Community Center is dedicated to residents of the Village and will provide a platform for delivery of wraparound services. Case management, education, health/wellness, and fellowship opportunities will be offered in the Community Center. This continuum of services leads to improved health and stability for the Veterans. 


Sponsor a house.

Each "tiny home" features a bed (or bunk-style beds), small kitchen, bathroom and is fully furnished. These amenities provide each Veteran or family with a sense of security and dignity. Every detail of the homes has been designed with Veterans' needs and preferences in mind, including placement of doors and windows, to increase sense of security for those who have been impacted by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).




On-going Needs. 

Due to the VCP Village being transitional, this sponsorship will help us make any repairs that need to be made to the home, restocking appliances, television, mattresses, bedding and other individual household items.  As importantly, it provides sanctuary and the emotional space needed for the Veteran and VCP's Veteran Support Services staff to thoroughly address the underlying causes of their homelessness and reintegrate at a comfortable pace.  

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