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VCP Life Hack #1: Job Hunting

The "5 Supports" are the foundation of VCP's proven case management model. Case managers work one-on-one with each Veteran in VCP Village to identify and track progress on life goals they want to accomplish with the primary focus on improving health and well-being, increasing and managing income, developing job skills, and establishing positive networks of support within the community.

For this new blog series, VCP is sharing some of our favorite tips or "life hacks." With the unprecedented unemployment rates due to COVID-19, this first hack comes from Support 2: Income Stability. Job hunting is rarely easy and the current health crisis has added a new level of complexity. Many jobs have been eliminated and some companies have had to totally re-think how they do business. Here are some ways you can adjust your approach, too:

1. Google "Jobs for Veterans"

Google partnered with the USO to create a search engine for service members transitioning to the civilian work force. Simply type "jobs for veterans" in a Google search bar and a secondary box will appear asking for your military job code. Google will provide a list of current openings associated with your skills and experience. You may find some positions or companies you hadn't previously considered.

2. Use LinkedIn Premium for FREE for 1 Year

LinkedIn is a networking tool that helps you identify and build relationships that may open your next door. Service members may have access to a free subscription to the Premium version using their Troop ID. Regardless of the type of position you're seeking, create a professional profile and send connection requests to as many people as you personally know. The bigger your web, the more useful the tool. We recommend creating a list of companies you'd like to join and research their employees. You may already have a connection with someone you can contact for a networking conversation. Be sure to ask everyone you meet, "Is there anyone else you think I should be talking to as I gather more information?" to keep expanding your list of possibilities. Another trick is to search for people with similar job titles as yours and trace their career paths. You may find a new, related field to explore.

3. Develop New Skills

There is a wide range of online classes and certifications if you want to expand your skillset to become more versatile and marketable. Being comfortable with tools like Microsoft 365 is a major benefit for companies with employees working from home.

4. Just Keep Moving

It's easy to become overwhelmed when a job search lasts longer than you had hoped or planned. Focus on the things you can control and set achievable goals such as "every day I will research two new companies or connect with one new networking lead." Measure progress based on your efforts instead of the number of interviews you receive. Practice good self-care to keep your energy level up and remember that life turns on a dime. You never know what a day will bring so be realistic and expect something good.


NOTE: If you are a Veteran in the Kansas City or Boulder County, Colorado area and need emergency assistance due to a COVID-19 related job loss, please let us know.



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