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  • Kelly Seward

Meet Kyndra

I came to VCP having no idea what I was going to do, full of anger and hurt. It took me several months to acclimate, but once I got used to being a part of something bigger than I imagined, things started to turn around. I was able to make friends and really feel the gratitude I had for everyone at VCP and in the community. My journey has been tough but worth the struggle.

Kyndra moved into her own tiny house in VCP Village in July 2018 to began the difficult work of rebuilding her life. With the help of her case manager and family, she is now thriving.

When volunteers were no longer allowed into VCP Village due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kyndra offered to carry their load. She spent days cleaning and staging houses to prepare for new residents. Her leadership inspired some of her neighbors to volunteer as well, including a few whose PTSD typically prevents them from leaving their homes.

Kyndra was so proud to learn that VCP was partnering with another homeless agency across town that she downloaded their “COVID needs” list from our website and purchased several bags worth of donations. While she was out shopping, she selected gifts for our entire case management team to thank and encourage them during this stressful time.

Last week, we learned that Kyndra has been a member of Honor Corps, VCP’s monthly giving program, for almost a year. We shouldn’t have been surprised. After all, she’s a Navy Veteran and lives under the motto “Non sibi sed patriae.” Not self but country.


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