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  • Kelly Seward

Boots on the Ground

Lack of housing contributes to poor health outcomes; lack of amenities like public bathrooms compounds it. With businesses, libraries, and other agencies shutting their doors, it's more and more difficult for people experiencing homelessness to even wash their hands let alone "shelter in place."

To prevent the COVID-19 virus from running rampant through this vulnerable community, VCP deployed staff and resources on a new mission.

For the last few weeks, VCP has helped a city-wide effort to serve those in need during this crisis. Our new forward operating base in downtown Kansas City, MO is a block-long outdoor facility outside of Hope Faith where leaders in the social services community share resources to provide hand-washing stations, meals, acute case management, First Aid, and health screenings for those in need.

VCP co-founder Vincent Morales says, "I spent 13 years in the military and this reminds me of hunting for IEDs, because you don't know who is going to be attacked or when it's going to happen."

Thanks to Operation BBQ Relief, thousands of meals have already been served at Hope Faith. VCP's long-time partner, Farmers Insurance, also mobilized quickly to provide their support.

As we navigate the changing nature of this effort, we need your support! Please help us source food, cleaning items, and other materials to help protect some of the most vulnerable in our community.


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