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COVID-19: How to Help .

We are so grateful for a community that continues to work together to protect and serve those who served us.

Give Funds

As the unemployment rate continues to rise, so do our requests for emergency assistance. The COVID Veterans Response Program for Stabilization (CORPS) is dedicated to assisting Veterans in the Kansas City metro area who have been negatively impacted by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our primary goal is to assist veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homelessness through a combination of financial assistance and VCP's proven case management program. Every gift helps provide resources that will stabilize a Veteran and ensure a positive upward trajectory during this critical time. 

Give Gift Cards

Need your help! We're running low on gift cards at our Veterans Outreach Center. Cards to Walmart and Target are a huge relief to a Veteran in crisis and allow them to shop for things they need with dignity. Amounts of $25 are perfect. Please send your e-card to and add your info in the "note" field so we can thank you. Physical cards may be mailed to Veterans Community Project at 8900 Troost (Kansas City, MO. 64131). 

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